ATN Night Vision PVS14/6015 HPT


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ATNs PVS14/6015 are rugged, lightweight and versatile Night Vision Monocular designed for the most demanding of nighttime applications. The ATN PVS14/6015 can be handheld, head/helmet-mounted for hands free usage or adapted to cameras/camcorders. Originally designed for the U.S. military, these units are of the highest quality in optics, design and functionality. The ATN PVS14/6015 is an outstanding choice for professional night vision applications.


– Originally designed for the United States Army

– MIL-STD-810

– Lightweight

– 1x magnification

– Automatic Brightness Control

– Waterproof

– Hand-held or head-mounted as single eye goggle

– Bright Light Cut-off


– Total Darkness IR System: Yes

– IIT Generation: HPT

– Resolution: 54-72 lp/mm

– Signal to Noise Ratio: 16-24

– Figure of Merit: 1600 Typical

– MTTF (Mean Time Before Failure): 10,000 Hours

– Magnification: 1x

– Lens System: F1.2, 26 mm

– Proshield Lens Coating: Yes

– Field of View: 40

– Range of Focus: 0.25 yd/m to infinity

– Diopter Adjustment: -5 to +2

– Controls: Direct

– Automatic Brightness Control: Yes

– Bright Light Cut-Off: Yes

– Infrared Illuminator: Built-in

– IR Indicator: Yes

– Low Battery Indicator: Yes

– Power Supply: 1 x 1,5V(AA type battery)

– Battery Life: 60 Hours

– Environmental Rating: Waterproof

– Operating Temperature: -40F to +122F

– Storage Temperature: -58F to +158F

– Dimensions: 4.5″ x 2.2″ x 2″

– Weight: 0.68 lbs


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