ATN PS15-2 Night Vision Goggles 2+ Gen 1x27mm CR123A Black


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The ATN PS15 is a compact, lightweight dual Night Vision Goggle System. It utilizes two high-performance image intensifier tubes to provide extremely clear and crisp images under the darkest conditions. This dual tube design provides increased depth perception and outstanding clarity. A built-in IR lets the user easily read a map and function in a total darkness environment. It also includes depth perception, one knob operation and automatic brightness control. Available in a wide array of image intensifier tube configurations, the ATN PS15 Night Vision Goggles are designed to handle every budget and mission requirement.

  • Category : Night Vision
  • Magnification : 1x
  • Objective : 27mm
  • Field of View : 40 degrees
  • Type : Goggles
  • Generation : 2+
  • Battery : CR123A Lithium
  • Dimensions : 4.7″ x 4.5″ x 2.7″
  • Weight : 1.54 lb
  • Resolution : 40-45 lp/mm


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