Barrett BORS With Leupold Mark 4.5-14x50mm Scope Includes Barrett Ultra High Rings


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Integrated ballistics computer that mounts directly on the riflescope and couples to the elevation knob. Drawing from several tables and taking into account a number of real-time external factors it automatically gives the shooter the exact yardage at which a bullet will hit. Once the distance to the target has been estimated the computer can be put into action by turning the elevation knob until the LCD displays the target’s range. Three internal sensors automatically calculate the ballistic solution.

BORS compensates for temperature, changes in air pressure and aiming at an upward or downward angle. BORS even determines if the rifle is canted. BORS kit includes the proprietary Barrett Ballistic Software (requires Windows XP or higher and is not directly MAC OS compatible) that s pre-programmed with a library of common projectiles and velocities selected by Barrett.

Includes a BORS data cable that allows the user to program custom loads on a personal computer and transfer them directly to BORS. Includes Barrett Ultra High Rings.

Item Description : BFM BORS W/LEU MARK 4.5-14X50
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