Barrett Firearms BORS For Nightforce 8-32 NXS With ZeroStop


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After sighting in your rifle simply set the ZeroStop and you create a positive mechanical stopping point at your chosen zero point. Integrated electronic ballistic computer couples directly to the Nightforce NXS 8-32 riflescope acting as the upper rear scope ring. Barrett BORS measures air temperature, barometric pressure and bore line angle. BORS also calculates a ballistic solution for a specific user-selected cartridge eliminating the need for counting clicks, calculating mil dots as target ranges change or using a handheld computer. BORS allows the shooter to focus on environmental conditions, assess the tactical situation and quickly engage multiple targets at varying ranges. Each BORS includes Barrett Ballistic Software, USB to BORS data connection cable, 100 preloaded cartridge table, tool kit and CR-123 lithium battery. Scope is not included. Display: 2 lines, 12 character LCD. 40 hour minimum battery life.

Item Description : BFM BORS FOR NXS 8-32 W/ZS
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