Burris T.M.P.R. Red Laser Sight


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The T.M.P.R. SYSTEM is a modular system of purpose-specific optics that can
be used individually or in combination to create the ultimate sight for any
situation. Each T.M.P.R. System component has its own battery. When
connected to a T.M.P.R. prism sight, they can be powered by the prism
sights high-capacity CR123 battery. The red laser is compatible with the
T.M.P.R. Prism Sight allowing for it to share its power instead of relying
on battery power. Perfect for low-light, fast-action tactical shooting and
home defense.

  • Weight : 12 oz
  • Battery : LR43
  • Laser Color : Red
  • Reticle : 5 Mil


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