FLIR Zeus Pro 640, Thermal Imaging Scope, 4-32X 100mm, 6.2 degrees x 5 degrees FOV


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The FLIR Zeus PRO thermal weapon sight has simple and intuitive controls, ballistic drop reticles, electronic compass and digital inclinometer for finer range estimation and target orientation. Solid state technology reticle adjustments and software algorithms, combined with a complementary color reticle platform, ensures maximum reticle contrast, high level target accuracy and boresight retention. Zeus Pro and external accessories can pair with a mobile device to provide target direction and orientation, weather conditions or serve as a remote control. Submergible water-resistant housing and .50 BMG shock resistance combined with extended battery life combat harsh conditions. Includes battery set, AWReC (Advanced Wireless Remote Control 5-buttons), soft carrying Case, picatinny adapter for AWReC (Advanced Wireless Remote Control), video cable, key (used to remove the battery cap insert) and battery box extender ring (for AA batteries).

  • Category : Night Vision
  • Magnification : 4-32X
  • Objective : 100mm
  • Field of View : 6.2 degrees x 5 degrees
  • Type : Thermal Imaging Scope
  • Generation : Thermal
  • Battery : CR123A Lithium (4)
  • Dimensions : 13.1″ x 3.5″ x 3.9″
  • Weight : 2.9 lbs
  • Focus Range : 10m to Infinity


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