LaserMax Centerfire Laser/Light Combo Green Laser Glock 42/43 Under Bar


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Glock G42
Glock G43
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LaserMax’s CenterFire Laser and Light Combo has GripSense technology which allows you to choose how you want your light and laser to activate, either instant on the draw, or controlled activation with the push of a button. The mint green 100 Lumen light is to help illuminate your target. The rounded and blended desgin is to ensure a smooth draw, and the CenterFire Light and Laser mounts to the frame without permanent alteration and o ers ambidextrous switching to accommodate both right and left-handed shooters.

  • Category : Laser Sights
  • Wavelength : 520 nm
  • Power : 5mW
  • Weight : 1.5 oz
  • Battery : 1/3N Lithium
  • Laser Color : Green
  • Firearm Fit : Glock 42/43
  • Power Switch : On/Off


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