Night Optics Falcon Long Range Binocular 3 Gen, 10x250mm 262ft @ 1000yds FOV


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With its powerful and unique 10x objective lens, the Falcon Long Range Night Observation Device can acquire targets in excess of 3,000 yards. Extremely lightweight, rugged and waterproof, the versatile Falcon is also available with a 6x objective lens and can be configured with a variety of image intensifier tubes. Produced with high-quality, all-glass optics, the astonishingly light 6x and 10x lens assemblies are designed specifically for optimal light transference with night vision devices, such as the Falcon. Friendly AN/PVS-7 user controls and fully automated image tube protection ensure simple, safe operation in the toughest environments. The Falcon 10x is available with high performance Generation II+ and state-of-the-art Generation 3, image intensifier tubes.

  • Category : Night Vision
  • Magnification : 10x
  • Objective : 250mm
  • Field of View : 262 ft @ 1000 yds
  • Type : Binocular
  • Generation : 3
  • Battery : AA (2)
  • Dimensions : 18″ x 5.3″ x 6″
  • Weight : 6.6 lbs
  • Focus Range : 10m to Infinity
  • Resolution : 57-72 lp/mm


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