Pulsar Digisight N750 4.5-6.75x 50mm, Black


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The Pulsar Digisight N750 features a quick and effective one-shot zeroing method, offering less time to zero in and little room for error. It is engineered for easy operation in daytime or complete darkness. The laser IR Illuminator is beneficial for use in low levels of ambient light. Equipped with three power levels, the IR illuminator provides bright light for a clear, precise focuses on any size target from dusk until dawn. Additionally, the Sum Light function automatically increases CCD array sensitivity under low light conditions. The N750 also features a high power digital zoom capable of increasing the magnification from 4.5x to 6.75x. This feature aids during long-range shooting, offering a moe precisely placed shot. Maximum detection range of the N750 is 600 meters. It also has a single windage/elevation knob, external video jack, wireless remote control, brightness/contrast control, and reticle inversion.


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