Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 Digital Gen 4.5-18x 6.2 degrees FOV


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The Digisight Ultra riflescopes are designed for observation and shooting in twilight or nighttime. In complete darkness (no stars or the Moon) use of the built-in LED IR Illuminator with 850nm or 940nm wavelength (invisible range) is highly recommended.Your riflescope is a versatile device designed for a wide range of professional and amateur applications such as hunting, sports shooting, night video recording and observation.

  • Magnification : 4.5-18x
  • Field of View : 6.2 degrees
  • Generation : Digital
  • Battery : Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • Dimensions : 14.60″ x 2.90″ x 2.90″
  • Weight : 34.20 oz
  • Focus Range : 600 yds


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