Pulsar Thermion XM50 Thermal Imaging Scope 5.5-22x 50mm 4.4 degrees x 7.7 degrees FOV


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Boasting state of the art design and the latest in advanced technological innovations, the Pulsar Thermion delivers the premium thermal imaging you’ve come to expect, but on a traditional-style aircraft grade 30mm tube. High quality germanium optics coupled with an advanced thermal imaging sensor ensure an unprecedented detection range, even in complete darkness. Thermion riflescopes boast full, reinforced yet lightweight metal construction. Precision-fabrication of housing elements ensures flawless field performance, recoil rated up to 6,000 Joules for flawless performance on larger calibers. Features- Quick start up, the unit can be kept switched off and then rapidly activated when the right time comes; wide array of color customizable reticles, including scalable ballistic styles. Color options: black, white, red and green; integrated video (including recoil-activated) and still image recording in MPEG-4 and .jpg makes sharing the thermal action quick and easy. The onboard 16-GB internal memory handles recoil flawlessly and stores hours of video or thousands of photos. Using Wi-Fi and the Stream Vision App connect the Thermion to a smartphone or tablet for use as a second display or remote control, also transfer recorded files, adjust settings and upgrade firmware. Thermion riflescopes have a dual battery system which consists of two batteries internal and external. External battery ensures additional operation time and can be replaced in a matter of seconds. Includes- APS3 rechargeable battery, APS battery charger, USB cable and case.

  • Category : Night Vision
  • Magnification : 5.5-22x
  • Objective : 50mm
  • Field of View : 4.4 degrees x 7.7 degrees
  • Type : Thermal Imaging Scope
  • Battery : Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • Dimensions : 15.82 x 3.07 x 2.52
  • Weight : 31.75 oz
  • Focus Range : 2300 Meters
  • Resolution : 320×240 pixels


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