Steiner CQBL-1, Red Laser – Class IIIa, IR – Class I, Black


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One of the smallest and most rugged dual function lasers available, the CQBL-1 is compatible with virtually every sub-machine gun and short barrel rifle, and packs the output power needed for use on carbine, rifle and light machine gun systems. Its low profile, lightweight housing was originally designed for a specific high profile VIP protective unit, who required a sub-machine gun laser solution which was concealable. The CQBL-1 has since proven itself as a valuable tool for law enforcement and self-defense carbines.

  • Wavelength : 850 nm
  • Weight : 6 oz
  • Battery : CR 123
  • Laser Color : Red
  • Firearm Fit : Carbine, Rifle, Light Machine Guns


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