Trijicon EO IRCO-35 SNIPE-IR 35mm, Black


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The Beacon from Knight & Hale helps the hunter find his treestand in the dark without spreading human scent everywhere. Simply hang the Beacon Locator Light with its convenient antenna / hanger to anything you need to return to in the darkness, then hit the remote when you get within 100 yards and the Beacon flashes to identify your desired location. Great for treestands, duck blinds, marking downed game and blood trails. Anything you need to return to under the cover of darkness.

  • Objective : 35mm
  • Field of View : 12 degrees
  • Type : Thermal Scope
  • Generation : Thermal
  • Battery : CR123A Lithium (2)
  • Dimensions : 7.4″ x 3″ x 2.95″
  • Weight : 24.6 oz
  • Resolution : 640×480


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