Trijicon EO IRMS-35 REAP-IR 35MM Black


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The Trijicon REAP-IR mini thermal riflescope is a small, light, powerful thermal riflescope that lets you engage targets in any light. Its trusted by the most demanding shooters and hunters that require speed and accuracy for nighttime use.
The Reap-IR features 5 reticle patterns, 6 levels of white hot/black hot, a rangefinder, standiametric ranging, and a edge detect mode. It comes with a lenspen, hard case, Trijicon logo sticker, shuttered eye guard, and two (2) CR123 batteries.

  • Magnification : 2.5x
  • Objective : 35mm
  • Field of View : 12 degrees
  • Type : Thermal Scope
  • Generation : Thermal
  • Battery : CR123A Lithium (2)
  • Dimensions : 6.5″ x 3″ x 2.95″
  • Weight : 20.8 oz
  • Resolution : 640×480


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