ATN Thor 336 Thermal Scope 4.5-18x 6 deg x 4.7 deg 60Hz FOV Black


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This model, of the Thor Thermal Weapon Scopes, is lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet it’s rugged and durable.The entire system is built in the USA, utilizing Mil-Spec Lenses that make the Thor battle worthy for most any mission or outdoor activity. Each system features a digital menu that gives you a variety of options and adjustments allowing the user to customize the system. Thor features a color OLED display giving a sharp color reticle every time. It also gives the user the option to switch to full color mode and overlay it with either a black, red, blue, white or black reticle depending on the conditions and environment. System also has no screws or springs that can create targeting errors. All units feature E-Zoom to expand optical magnification. It also features a video-out connection and cable which allow nighttime operation.


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