Crimson Trace Laserguard H&K VP9/40, VP9SK


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Laserguard is the best-in-class laser sight for compact and subcompact polymer framed pistols, and featuring the same Instinctive Activation technology as Lasergrips. Laserguard mounts securely to the trigger guard, enhancing your ability to engage threats quickly and accurately in low light with a small-framed concealed carry handgun. Easily user-installed in moments, and features complete windage and elevation adjustment options. Master on/off switch. Front activation. Dot size: approximately 0.5 inch at 50 feet.

Retail Price : 229.00

Description : Laserguard Series Fits H&K VP9/40 Red Laser

Made In The USA : Made In The USA

Catalog Vendor Name : CRIMSON TRACE

Type : Red Laser

Optics Web Model : LaserGuard

Model Body Copy : Full size and compact models.


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