Pulsar Digisight N550A NV Scope Digital 4.5-6.75x 50mm Black


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The Pulsar Digisight N550A Digital Night Vision Riflescope features 13 built-in reticle options, allowing shooters to switch between white and black subtensions on the reticle, making targets more visible against the background (black for daytime operation and white for nighttime operation). Shooters also have the ability to change the center of the reticle to red or green illumination depending on their preference. Equipped with 3 various save points for zeroing, the N550A allows operators to use different loads for hunting game or save 3 zeros for specific distances of their choice. The device includes a 1.5x digital zoom to increase the magnification from 4.5x to 6.75x, as well as a quick and effective one-shot zeroing system, offering less time to zero in and little room for error. Its high output LED IR illuminator features 3 power levels (50 mW, 75 mW and 100 mW), saving battery life and increasing the effective range.


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